A list of things they ought to invent. I don't care who get credit or money for these things, just as long as someone makes them.

Realistic Computer Handwriting

1994-01-07t14:31 Make a program that utilizes several versions of each letter and switches between them so that the text generated looks more personalized. EG: Such a program may utilize multiple sets of fonts that have minute differences between them, and changes fonts with each letter. The fonts would have variances such as a wavering baseline, subtle font size changes, etc.  The user might even want to "bold" a section but the result is more vigorous penmanship as opposed to plain old bold.

Obvious Naming Convention for Porn Sites

1999-12-02 All pornographic sites should have a top-level domain like ".xxx" or ".sex". That would make it so easy to filter out such sites without restricting their freedom.

Change Font Size Option in Print Dialog

1999-12-09 When printing from a browser, the print dialog should include an option to choose the font size. This would be nice since a user could view the material on screen with a large font size while printing out with a smaller font.

Kid Finder

2000-03-31. A two part device that helps parents locate temporarily lost kids. One parts stays on the kid, the other part stays with the parents. When the kid disappears, say at the museum, the parent can whip out his or her device and the device will point to where the kid is. It will say up, down, north, east, west, or south

Remote Control Finder

2000-03-31. A very simple stationary device that you can set on say your TV. When you lose your remote control, you can press the finder and your remote control will start beeping.

2005-08-06t05:20:40Z. RemoteStand.com comes close. They put legs onto your remote so it becomes harder to lose.

2005-10-12: I actually found this site months ago: FindOneFindAll.com. FOFA devices are placed on multiple items (like keys, remotes, phones) and if you can find one, then it can make the others beep.

Colored Salt

2000-03-31. Could someone please make colored salt so I can tell how much salt I'm putting in my food? The more outrageous the color the better. Bright blue would be good because there isn't much blue food out there.

Voice Controlled Shower Head

2000-03-31. I would like to give the shower head simple commands like:

This would free up both hands for scrubbing myself or my kid.

Wallet Pen

2000-03-31. For emergency purposes, I would like a little tiny pen that would fit in my wallet but never leak.

2003-02-13. Well, well! TheWalletPen.com makes just such a thing! They sent me an email after they found my site when they looked up their own product!

Cheap Leak Proof Beverage Container

2000-03-31. Is this so hard? Why does anyone have to put up with juice leaking into your bag?

Multi-Function Mobile Phone

2000-03-31. Men like to travel light. I don't think keys and pocket knives are going away soon, but a multi-function mobile phone should be the only other thing I'll need to carry. It should do a lot:

This would really be putting your money where your mouth is!

2001 Aug 31. Status report: They're starting to make cell phones combined with PDAs. No wallet phones yet but that may be just fine. What I would really like now is a phone combined with a radio and an MP3 player (one that I can download songs to).

Anti-Fallout Mesh for Freezers

2001-01-28. If you've ever been assaulted by things falling out of your freezer, you'll like this idea. To prevent items from falling out of the freezer and hitting you on the head as you bend over to pick something up, they should install that see-through cloth chicken-wire type stuff that they've got to prevent stuff from falling out of trunks and luggage.

Automated Parking Structures

2001-0207. I thought of this idea years ago but I was thinking about it again this morning. The concept is a fully automated parking structure. Cars are more compactly stored because they are placed into little cubby holes via a "Car Placer". The Car Placer has this features:

I'm visualizing cubby holes arranged in either a rectangular building (like rows of bookcases) or a cylindrical building with one or more cylinders. The building could also be underground. Multiple Car Placers would be able to operate at once. The cars would be practically impervious to theft and vandalism.

Frequent users would have a reserved cubby hole and a matching card to place and retrieve their car. Other users could use a credit card or some other instrument to place and retrieve their car.

Display Velocity On Care Windshields

2004-01-19T16:07:31Z. I've had this idea for year so it's about time I wrote it down. I want to be able to see what the car velocity is without having to lower my eyes. They have the technology to do this. See Company Hopes to Make Windows for Future and Head-Up_Display [W].

Embedded Video Cameras

2013-11-22 11:13 In monitors (not above). So that when you're in a video conference, people appear as if they are looking right at you instead of below you.

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