Exploring introversion and introverts.


I was compelled to write this section because I myself am an introvert and there are many mistaken preconceptions about introverts. EG: Introverts are often thought to necessarily be one or all of the following:

So what is an introvert? The essence of introversion is to focus on his or her internal life.

This does not mean that an introvert is self-centered or is not involved with the external world. An introvert operates predominantly internally by thinking quietly (In contrast, an extrovert operates predominantly externally by vocalizing while thinking.). Thus whether an introvert is working on external or internal issues, he or she will tend to be taciturn and reticent (In contrast, an extrovert will tend to talk.).

However, if an introvert ever gets into a discussion about a topic that he or she has a particular interest in, then his or her internal machinations may be externalized. Such a discussion may be quite beneficial, functional, deep, involved, emotional, etc. The tendency amongst introverts is to have discussions of the most meaningful sort --otherwise, no discussion at all is preferred. From an introvert's point of view, most other discussions are simply "chatter".

Needless to say, there are many problems involved with this dismissal of chatter. Most people, i.e. most non-extroverts, need more communication and feedback. There is useful information and bonding that can be acquired via "chatter". There are bad things about chatter but there is also much to be gained by chatter, so a tolerance, acceptance, filter, etc. of chatter needs to be developed. These problems do not mean that introverts should convert into extroverts! It would be a dull world if everyone thought and operated in the exact same way.

Successful Introversion

As a minority, introverts need to know how to succeed in a world where the majority are extroverts. Here are a few quick pointers.

Another way to look at introversion is from an extrovert's point of view.

Random Notes

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