Exploring my personal guilts. Just a few things that I feel guilty about.

The Lands Lost

I sometimes feel guilty when I'm driving through the countryside and realize that all this was once wild country.

It's not that I have anything against agriculture but sometimes I visualize lost forests or lost prairies.

We tell less developed countries to save their ecological treasures but we've certainly traded in quite a bit of ours.

The Disabled

Now I'm half-deaf myself: I am completely deaf in my left ear. This may contribute to my acute awareness of others who are disabled.

I feel terribly guilty whenever I see someone who is blind or deaf or physically disabled or mentally disabled.

I don't really mind my half-deafness. I can hear perfectly well from my other ear. I have problems hearing people who are on my left side. But it all seems so trivial to the problems of others.

I am particularly acute of those who struggle with maintaining their dignity.

The Treatment of Women

I feel guilty for all the chauvinism, rape, abuse, domestic abuse, and reduction of humanity of women in the world.

The Poor

I've been poor. I've shared a bed with several of my brothers because there were no other beds. I've shared a single tin of sardines with my entire family as dinner. And yet I know that there are those who are poorer yet.

There are those who live poor, breath poor, and think poor. There are those who can't escape the grip of poverty. There are those who have been thrown into poverty.

The Loss of My Cultural Heritage

I came to America when I was four years old. My parents made sure that the kids forgot or never learned the language from the old country. I don't know how to speak Filipino. I feel that I've lost a great deal of my cultural heritage.

Products Made or Produced in Inhumane Conditions

I have nothing against people working hard or making a living. But I do have issues of people having to work so hard that they become deformed or demented. I dislike people having to deal with toxic substances.

I like to save money, but if I have to pay a little more so that some workers somewhere have some safety precautions, then I will gladly do so.

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