Exploring the art of comics.


If I have 2 minutes to read a paper, I will read the headlines, the weather, and the comics.

There are many sophisticated categories and critiques of the art of comics. The best book on the art of comics is Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art, by Scott McCloud; published in 1993 by Kitchen Sink Press, Inc. The book itself is done in comic book format! His website, btw, is ScottMcCloud.com.

I used to have boxes and boxes of comic books but sadly enough, I only go buy comic books every now and then.

I Hate Comics by Phoebe Gloeckner

Just a few distinctions:


Anime and Manga

Anime is Japanese animation. Manga is Japanese comics/stills. I've bought lots of manga and will continue to do so. However you can find places to read them for free online but the sites change around. EG: onemanga.com has essentially been killed, but as of 2011-04-05 mangareader.net is still going.






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