Who is Bill Aube? Who can really tell? But until he suggests otherwise, this page will have to do.

Bill Aube is a Progressive, anti-evil-Corporation, Left-winger.
PHOTO: Silenced with a barcode
Bill Aube dances wherever and whenever he feels like it.
GIF89: Homer dancingGIF89: Homer dancingGIF89: Homer dancing
Bill Aube likes LOTR and is not a morning person.
SCREENSHOT: Gollum chomping on a fish
Bill Aube has Japanese toys.
PHOTO: Japanese toys
Bill Aube games: computers, RPG, boards, etc.
ILLUSTRATION: Female fire elemental
Bill Aube is an engineering & computing geek.
PHOTO: Geek toilet
Bill Aube is a coffee drinking, photo shooting, elbow rubbing world traveler.
PHOTO: Coffee shop blur
Bill Aube likes chocolate with his chocolate.
PHOTO: Chocolate

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