My favorite actors. An actor's body of work is indicative of their luck, talent, and taste. It is hard to resist insinuating characteristics of a role played by an actor with the actor's actual character. However, I am not a fanatical fan, and I know that I don't really know any of these people. The nice thing about discussing actors is that I can also simultaneously do a discuss the shows they've been in.

Anthony Hopkins

Astonishing how he conveys so much energy with so much reserve.

Antonio Banderas

A guy's guy. Smashing accent.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Great sci fi guy.

Bill Cosby

One of the funniest men ever. Lousy movies though.

Cary Grant

A remarkably handsome man who combined a graceful charm with outstanding comic delivery. I often wish I had his charm.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

All right, all right: she's listed mainly because she's a knockout.

Charlie Chaplin

The silent genius.

Christopher Walken

Picks the most magnificently spooky and funny roles.

Clint Eastwood

A guy's guy.

Cuba Gooding Jr.

Energy, charm, humor, style, and seriousness.

Danny Kaye

Not only does he sing, dance, and act but he's great at word twisters. In spite of his lightness, he seems to have a melancholy shadow.

Denzel Washington

Conveys intelligence and seriousness.

Doris Day

I'm surprised that she isn't too sweet, too American, too 1950s.

Eva Habermann

She's also listed mainly because she's a knockout. I've only seen her play Zev Bellringer in the Lexx, the German and Canadian TV series, featuring a living ship that is the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes. Her German accent is so riveting.

Gene Wilder

This guy is nuts!

Harrison Ford

A guy's guy.

Humphrey Bogart

You wouldn't think it to look at him but he has an amazing body of work.

Ingrid Bergman

Her Swedish accent is hypnotic.

Jack Nicholson

The trouble with this guy is he always plays himself.

Jessica Alba

Former tom boy sweet hottie.

Jimmy Stewart

How can you not like Jimmy Stewart?

Jodie Foster

She delivers intelligence and mischievousness with that darling accent.

John Cleese

One of the funniest men ever. The mere sight of him is comical.

Johnny Depp

Chooses roles both dark and funny.

Katherine Hepburn

A pure infusion of style, smarts, and the human heart.

Kathy Bates

Picks feisty, natural characters.

Kevin Kline

Kirk Douglas

A guy's guy. You see that chin and you feel the energy.

Madeline Kahn

Marilyn Monroe

Great actress. Bewitchingly beautiful. Tragic life. American icon.

Mel Gibson

A guy's guy. Gets characters that are funny, brave, whacked, and good with the ladies. Mel Gibson is also a good director but we know him best as an actor.

Nicholas Cage

I like that he has a range of work.

Peter Lorre

Peter Seller

"That was not my dog."

Richard Chamberlain

I actually disliked this guy until I saw him play a very seedy and creepy role in a movie about a wealthy woman named Duke. Since then he's acquired my respect.

Rutger Hauer

Picks bold characters who are both bizarre and tragic.

Sidney Poitier

Demands and earns respect.

Sigourney Weaver

She exudes strength and determination while being totally a woman.

Susan Sarandon

Great actress. Bold choices.

Tim Curry

Funny, curious, sexually tainted.

Tom Hanks

Funny and serious. Very human.

Toshiro Mifune

The penultimate samurai actor of Japanese samurai movies.

Winona Ryder

Great actress, elfishly beautiful. Chooses roles both dark and funny.

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