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The Science Fiction Encyclopedia. Edited by Peter Nicholls. Published by Doubleday.


Star Trek. No, I am not a trekkie and I don't go to conventions, but I'll watch any new stuff they make. I also admit to having seen just about every episode of Star Trek, Star Trek Next Generation, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Star Trek Voyager, Star Trek Enterprise, and the Star Trek movies. The best re-runs are from the classic series.


HG Wells. Works include: The Time Machine.

Isaac Asimov. (American, 1920-1992) I have almost 3 dozen of his books (some non-fiction) and there are more books that I've borrowed from the library and returned. I especially like how he carried his story thread through a period of hundreds of years in over a dozen of his robot, empire, and foundation books. See also:

Robert A. Heinlein. Works include: The Cat Who Walks Through Walls and Friday.

Tom Godwin. Works include: The Cold Equations.


Alien series. Ripley explores motherhood, acid blood, guns, and survival. Alien directed in 1979 by Ridley Scott. Aliens directed in1986 by James Cameron. Alien 3 directed in 1992 by David Fincher. One other movie followed. Cast included Sigourney Weaver.

Forbidden Planet (1956) . Robby the Robot, alien monsters, spaceships, damsels in distress, and a young Leslie Nielsen.

Matrix . "What is The Matrix?" Dude! Cast included Keanu Reeves.

Planet of the Apes series. Those ape masks are just so cool! Planet of the Apes directed in 1968 by Franklin J. Schaffner. Cast included Charlton Heston and Roddy McDowall.

Star Wars series. "Use The Force Luke." I'm not a Star Wars groupie, but I'll watch any new stuff they make. I've got the usual gripes about Director George Lucas supporting the media money machine a little too much, instead of focusing on making good, deep, modern mythology. Directed by George Lucas.

Zardoz (1974). Don't look it up! I've seen Vartox in Superman but I never knew it was in honor of Sean Connery's character.


SciFi Channel. Three cheers to the SciFi Channel for supporting sci-fi and bringing it to cable television 24 hours a day.


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