Nanotechnology deal with devices on a molecular scale (10E-9 m). This is a rapidly emerging field whose influence will be as wide and as great as that of the computer revolution. See also my blog posts on nanotechnology.

Visualize a Nanometer

One nanometer
    = 1 nm
    = 10-9 m
    = 0.000 000 001 meters
    = 1/1,000,000,000 (1 billionth) of a meter
    = 1/1,000,000 (1 millionth) of a millimeter
    = 1/1,000 (1 thousandth) of a micron
    = 10 Angstroms.

One meter
    = 103 mm (1 thousand millimeters)
    = 106 µm (1 million microns)
    = 109 nm (1 billion nanometers)
    = 1010 Å (10 billion Angstroms).

One inch = 25,400,000 nm.

The scale of some small things:

Nano scale Bio and nano scale Nano and bio scales by Nanotex Scale of a T4 Bacteriophage


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Cool Nanotechnology Pictures

DIAGRAM: An endoheral Buckyball encapsulating an atom Carbon nanotube in Zeolite crystals A nano scale bull A nano scale bull DNA for assembling copper atoms A nano scale wine glass A nano scale abacus DIAGRAM: Theoretical nano gears Molecules arranged into a message DIAGRAM: Theoretical nanotubes Actual nanotubes A nano scale figure  A nano scale lock A nano scale gear and a small creature [via]


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