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General Philosophy


The concept of copyleft is the opposite of copyright. Copyleft take the F/OSS (Free/Open Source Software) movement, and applies it more broadly to increasing the public domain of knowledge and creative works as part of our human heritage but also as building blocks for the future.

See also Computer Links#Open Source, Programming: Language Types, and UNIX.

Eastern Philosophy


Landmark Education and Course Syllabus. What's the scoop with "Werner Erhard" (aka John Paul Rosenberg, John Rosenberg, Steve Rosenberg, Werner Spits)? [His brother "Harry Rosenberg" allegedly now runs Landmark.] The truth is so obfuscated, that I think very few people actually know.



See also Eastern Philosophy.

The big three of Ancient Greek Philosophers:



'In most persuasive conversations an effective way to persuade someone is to first listen to their concerns. What issues are most important to the person you are talking to? Once you understand this person's concerns and the values you share, you'll be better able to show them why they should vote for change. People who feel listened to are more apt to be receptive to your point of view.'



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