Exploring Ethics, the field that deals with defining what is good and bad, and the moral obligations that ensue.


It is important to know these words thoroughly because they have many connotations and many an argument can go awry by simple miscommunication. Many people say that ethics and morals are synonyms and for general usage they are. However if I am going to get deep into the subject, then I might as well use the words more precisely.

It is impossible to escape the flexibility and ambiguity of these terms in the English language but we'll have to make do. These distinctions should be pointed out:

Every one is an ethicist. A person who unknowingly performs good or bad deeds is not truly responsible for those deeds. Similarly, a person who performs good or bad deeds is responsible for those deeds. EG:

That is pretty clear; however ethics is really for dealing with more complicated issues. EG:

The Truth is an elusive animal and the most dangerous individuals are those who think they have grasped the Truth by its tail.


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