If you've ever known a Filipino, then you know we're just like everyone else: nuts. That aside, here are some stereotypes that are shared with other groups:

Here are some stereotypes that are more Filipino-specific:

As far as Filipino Americans, those who don't know better may assume that we're fresh immigrants or FOBs (Fresh of the boat). However some Filipinos have been in America for a decent while: The first permanent Filipino settlement was established in 1763 in Saint Malo, Louisiana. As of 2007 there were around 4 million Filipino Americans or around 1.3% of the US population. For those who can't tell: Filipino American are the Asians who tend to have Spanish last names, tend to be Catholic, and tend to speak decent English. The Wikipedia article on Filipino American [W] is fairly decent.


"Flip" is usually either a hip, funky shorthand for "Filipino" or a derogatory acronym (Fucking Little Island Person) like "chink". I have never encountered the derogatory version personally, so for me "Flip" has the former connotation. If you want to use the word as an insult, then please say something like "you fucking Flip" for the sake of clarity --and then be prepared for a counter-attack.

"Pinoy" has come to stand for Filipinos living outside of the Philippines, but esp. in the U.S., however I'm not too sure about how many people are aware of this.


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