Volume measurements and units of measure. This ignores the obvious cubic units. EG: cubic meters, cubic feet. More proof of the superiority of the metric system.


The metric or SI (System Internationale) is measured in L and mL.

U.K. System

The U.K. System (aka the IS or Imperial System) used to be defined by standards held in London. Canada used to use the IS, but now they use SI. The IS differs from the USS only by their units of measurement for volume. IS is now defined by 3 exact measurements.

U.S. System

The US System (USS) differs from the IS only by their units of measurement for volume. USS dry ounces (for mass) are different from liquid ounces (for volume).


Traditional Japanese volumes. A 枡 or masu box was often used to measure out rice (or sake) but a masu varied from 1 to to 5 .

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