Temperature measurements and units of measure. There are units but only F, C, and K are common.

I am fine with the English convention of saying "six degrees Celsius" or "six degrees Fahrenheit" or "six kelvins", but the convention of printing "6 °C" and "6 °F" but "6 K" is maddening! Hence I decree that on my site, I will write "6 C" or "6 F" or "6 K".

Example Temperatures

I've listed these values as an exercise to help me get a feel for the relation between Celsius and Fahrenheit. The F temperatures are rounded to 0.1 F unless otherwise noted. The temperatures are fun ones and ones in weather forecasts in Chicago.

Outside temperature: 40s dangerous, 30s hot, 20s nice, 10s cool, 0s freezing, -10s dangerous.

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