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corpus delicti - the body of the crime
cum grano salis - with a grain of salt
cum gratia - with the approval of
ex cathedra - from the chair; Figuratively, any authoritative pronouncement. However, it is usually an official pronouncement from
the Pope.
ex mea sententia - in my opinion
ex post facto - after the deed
flagrante delicto - a blazing offense
fortuna suffragante - with luck on our side
humum mandere - to bite the dust
Ignotum per ignotius - A thing unknown by a thing more unknown (used to describe something in terms that are even less
in absentia - in one's absence
in culpa versari - to be at fault
in memoriam - in memory of
in posterum - till the next day
in quaestione versare - to be under investigation
in toto - entirely
in vino veritas - "There is truth in wine"
me fallit - I do not know
modus operandi - a method of working
multis post annis - many years later
non compos mentis - not of sound mind
per diem - by the day
per se - by itself; essentially
persona non grata - unwelcome person
sine qua non - a necessity
ubi dubium ibi libertas - "Where there is doubt, there is freedom" tu stultu es - you are dumb/stuid/a fool. The motto of The Onion


a posteriori
Later, following.
Abbreviation for Anno Domini. "In the year of the Lord". It is more politically correct to use CE (Common Era).
ad absurdum
"to absurdity".
ad extremum
"at last".
ad hoc
"toward this (matter)". Something created especially for a particular occasion.
ad hominem
"to the man". An argument that relies on personal attacks rather than reason.
ad infinitum
"to infinity". Without limit.
ad nauseam
To feel disgust; to go on endlessly.
alter ego
A second self.
annus mirabilis
"miraculous year". A year in which an unusual number of remarkable things occurred.
argumentum ad ignorantiam
"arguing from ignorance".
bona fide
Also ca., both of which are abbreviations for circa. "aroun". EG: "born c. 1200".
carpe diem
"seize the day"
caveat emptor
"Let the buyer beware". Think about it and examine it before you buy it because it may be non-returnable.
cogito, ergo sum
"I think, therefore I am". This is the Latin translation of the statement "Je pense, donc, je suis" in French by René Descartes. Related: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cogito_ergo_sum.
de facto
"in fact". Something that is automatically accepted.
De omnibus dubitandum
"All is to be doubted".
deus ex machina
(DAY-uhs-eks-MAH-kih-nuh or DAY-uhs-eks-muh-SHEE-nuh) "God from the machine".

(1) A god introduced by means of a crane in ancient Greek and Roman drama to decide the final outcome

(2) A person or thing (as in fiction or drama) that appears or is introduced suddenly and unexpectedly and provides a contrived solution to an apparently insoluble difficulty.
Abbreviation for exempli gratia. "for example". Note that this site frequently uses "EG" instead of "e.g.".
e pluribus unum
Out of many, one. The motto on U.S. currency.
et al.
Abbreviation for et alii. "and others".
flagrante delicto
"while the crime is blazing". Caught red-handed.
Also ibid., both of which are abbreviations for ibidem. "In the same place". Refers to the last work that was referenced.
Abbreviation for id est. "that is".
ipso facto
"by the fact itself". EG: A dog, ipso facto, is a mammal.
mea culpa
"through my fault". A formal acknowledgement of personal fault or error.
ne plus ultra
"no further". The edge of knowledge, reality, etc. Written on the pillars of Hercules at the edge of the known world.
"not anything"
Abbreviation for Philosophiae Doctor.
pons asinorum
"bridge of fools". A problem that severely tests the ability. Nickname of Euclid's Fifth Proposition in the Elements.
"in the capacity of"
qui audet adipiscitur
"who dares, wins". Motto of at least 9 elite special forces around the world including the Special Air Service (SAS) of UK and Sayeret Matkal (The Unit) of Israel.
quid pro quo
An equal exchange or substitution.
si vis pacem, para bellum
"If you seek peace, prepare for war"
"yes" or "even thus". An editorial comment indicating that an error or unconventional usage (of spelling, grammar, etc.) has been retained or was used i intentionally. EG: You dawg! [sic].
Abbreviation for Senatus Populus Que Romanus. "The Senate and People of Rome". The official name of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire. Some argue that the R stands for Romani or Romae instead.
status quo
"state in which". The existing state of affairs.
vincit veritas
"Truth conquers all things."
Also vs., both of which are abbreviations for versus. "turned against"


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