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apo + theos = relating to + god. Elevation to the divine or to perfection.
Virtue, excellence.
The experience of purgation or purification of the emotions. The hero and the audience share catharsis together, and in theory there is a socially redeeming lesson learned.
Aka Kratos. "Strength". A demigod of Greek mythology. His siblings Nike ("Victory"), Bia ("Force"), and Zelus ("Zeal" or "Rivalry"), are all children of Pallas and Styx, and were like the archangels of Zeus especially when he overthrew the Titans.
Fatal flaw, error, or shortcoming. According to Aristotle, it is hamaratia that makes for a tragic hero. I guess an imperfect character is more dramatic than perfectly virtuous or perfectly corrupt character.
hiero + glyph = sacred + carving =
Excessive pride, wanton violence. Arrogance. Hubris is an example of hamaratia. Nemesis was originally a divine being who dished out punishment for breaking the rules.
"right or opportune moment". Contrast with Chronos (or Kronos) the personification of time (and not to be confused with the titan Cronus). Kairoi plural form. In theological contexts, kairos means a time of quality or holiness. In Aristotelian rhetoric, kairos is the time and space to deliver the proof as opposed to the audience or the style of delivery. In literature, kairosis is fulfillment in time; "as catharsis is to the dramatic, so kenosis is to the lyric, so kairosis is to the epic/novel.". [W]. See also "Words that Zing" [http://www.alistapart.com/articles/words-that-zing/].
"for the fairest". Written on the Apple of Discord which the Eris = Strife (in English) = Discordia (in Latin) tossed in because she was not invited to a banquet.
That which is the undoing of a hero.
philos + xenox = loving + guest, stranger. Hospitality. Aka filoxenia.


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