What is a game and what is not? War. Mating. Surviving. Raising kids. Work. Politics. Religion. Dealing with illness & injury. ... The list goes on. These are the games that aren't games: the non-games. A non-game can be tied with the phrase "This isn't a game", whereas a game can be associated with the phrase "It's only a game".

It's too bad really since the non-games are actually the best games around. The non-games may have dire consequences, but they're also the most rewarding. They're terrible when things don't go well, but fabulous when they do. When playing a non-game, you can't say: "It's only a game"; you can only say things like: "well fought" or "she lived a good life" or "they died in vain".

I think people refuse to see non-games as games so they can establish the seriousness of the matter and they can commit all their will and energy to the issue. However, it is sometimes important to see the non-games as games to foster creativity, spontaneity. In a game:

What about winning and losing?, aren't most games about winning and losing? Yes and no: Yes, the goal is to win; No, the game and the players are more important than winning or losing. Games should make you ask yourself hard questions:

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