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7-Up from the porch

I remember my brothers and I setting some 7-Ups, in the old green glass bottles, in the gap between the door and the screen door. I was in grade school and it was winter. I'm not sure how long we waited or what the temperature was outside. I don't think there was any particular occasion, but I remember us relishing those - Ups. They were chilled, crisp and clean, like no other drink I've had before or since.

Krispy Kreme Donuts

I discovered these in 2000-08. These are mighty fine donuts! Blows Dunkin Donuts away. When I went to my first Krispy Kreme store, I literally hugged the building.

Maxwell Street

In Chicago, on Halsted just south of the University of Illinois at Chicago, is Maxwell Street. I don't know if there is an actual street called Maxwell but that's what that area was called. The area has some history to it. It was where immigrants used to come to buy "black market" goods. In my days, late 1980s, the area was a rough looking black commercial neighborhood. There were all sort of shops selling cool city clothes. There were guys walking around trying to sell you cheap porn or socks. They still had flea markets on Sundays or something like that. It was a place to buy back your hubcaps if you ever got your hubcaps stolen.

It was also the place to get the fastest, tastiest, greasiest, and cheapest fast food in existence. There were a few shops set up that sold polish sausages, pork shop sandwiches, and cheeseburgers 24 hours a day. The only things they put on your sandwiches were mustard, whole chili peppers, and gobs of grilled onions. For a buck something you would get a sandwich, fries, a soda, and packets of ketchup. It was THE place to go in the AM hours after hitting the clubs.

Wendy's Frosties

I like Frosty's while I'm traveling. They represent taking a break. I also enjoy the challenge they present when I try to eat them as I drive. I remember driving the Salas brothers to and from karate camp. I was trying to drive whole round trip between Chicago and Philadelphia since I was sort of their chaperone. In actuality, Danny, the elder brother, had quite a bit of experience driving. I remember them giving me looks while I was trying to drive while eating my Frosty in an effort to combat the road hypnotism.

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