Links that lead to off-site pages for martial arts products and services. A few links will be listed in more than one category.

In addition to notes about the site, I will also make notes of my shopping experiences with them (syntax: "Shopping Experience:"), and I will include notes by trusted sources. For common items: Find the make and model you like, then Google/Amazon it to find the seller with the best price. For uncommon items: Good luck!


Arms, Armor


Most of these sites are for active usage as opposed to for display only. I like idea of designating "armour" for stuff like maille, while using the "armor" spelling for stuff like modern tanks.


Books, Videos, Periodicals


Military, Para-Military, Police

Non-Strictly MAs

Olympic Style Fencing (OSF)

Aka modern fencing, collegiate fencing, Olympic fencing, and strip fencing.

"3 Weapon"/"Standard"/"Universal" masks are sufficient for WMA, SCA, and OSF training. "FIE"/"CE" masks are required for OSF tournaments. Consider masks with removable (hence washable) liners.

Practice Weapons


This section covers historical Recreationists, Revivalists, Reenactors, LARPs (Live Action Role Playing), LRP (Live Role Playing)m etc. The historical periods cover range from Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, U.S. Civil War, etc.



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