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Aikido = 合気道 = union/harmony energy way = The way of harmonized energy. Founde by Ueshiba, Morihei = 植芝盛平 (1883-12-14/1969-04-26).


This section includes

Chinese MAs (CMAs)

This includes Gongfu/Kung Fu, WuShu/Wu Shu, Taijiquan/T'ai Chi Ch'uan, etc.

Filipino MAs (FMAs)

Full Contact

Full contact combat sports like boxing, Muay Thai, and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).


Historical European Swordplay (HES)

Judo and Jujutsu

柔道 = ju do = judo. 柔術 = ju jutsu = jujutsu = ju-jutsu = ju-jitsu = jujitsu = jiu jitsu = jiu-jitsu. Also covers yawara, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Gracie Jiu-Jitsu (GJJ), and Small Circle Jujutsu.


I have dozens of other karate links that I have yet to migrate over. ^I've trained with.



Martial Arts (MAs)

Martial Arts (MAs) in general. General Eastern Martial Arts (EMAs) are folded into this section.


Military, Para-Military, Police

Modern Combatives

Not combat sport but hand to hand combat (HTH; H2H) self-defense/combat in real-life situations by civilians, security, police, and the military when grenades and firearms are not practical. Aka close combat; close quarters combat (CQC); mano-a-mano.

Museums and Libraries

Not-Strictly MAs

Olympic Style Fencing (OSF)

Aka modern fencing, collegiate fencing, Olympic fencing, and strip fencing. Related to classical fencing, academic fencing (mensur), and rapier fencing. Consists of 3 weapons: Foil (thrust only, target torso, right-of-way), Épée or Epee (thrust only, target all, no right-of-way, pronounced ay-pay), and Sabre (cut and thrust, target waist and above except hands, right-of-way).

Stick and Pole Weapons

The transition from stick to pole is roughly at 90 cm ~ 3 feet. Regarding pole arms, George Silver recommended two particular lengths for pole arms: (1) long pole weapons ("short staff, half pike, forest bill, partisan, and gleve") should be roughly as high as you can reach plus the width of your grip, which comes to ~ 240 cm ~ 8 feet to ~ 280 cm ~ 9 feet. (2) medium pole weapons ("battle axe, halberd, or black bill") should be roughly man height.

Sticks differ from clubs in that the latter are usually heavy and rely on bashing.


This section covers historical Recreationists, Revivalists, Reenactors, LARPs (Live Action RolePlaying games), etc. The historical periods cover range from Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, U.S. Civil War, etc.

Russian MAs (RMAs)

Surreal MAs




Most of the videos that I've remembered to link to can be found on my channel at YouTube. I had also set up the channel for the Chicago Swordplay Guild. There are of course many other videos and channels at YouTube.

The videos that I'm going to list here are ones that are not at YouTube! There are also martial arts shows mentioned elsewhere on this site. There are also many other videos on the Internet, martial arts DVDs and such that I don't mention.

Western MAs (WMAs)

WMA (Western Martial Arts), aka HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts), is a superset of HES (Historical European Swordsmanship). This term is used to distinguish it from OSF (Olympic Style Fencing), EMA (Eastern Martial Arts), modern combat, or sport combat. The CSG actually belongs in this category but the CSG has a slight emphasis on swords so I put it under HES.


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