My martial arts experience is roughly as follows:

For some reason the question of "my injuries in martial arts" comes up frequently, so I'll address it here. Whether or not  you do martial arts, you will almost inevitably get injured, especially if you do a lot of physical activity. Regardless of the skill levels or the safety precautions taken by you and people around you, the probability of an injury never goes to zero, hence if you flip the coin enough times, eventually it will come up heads. Hence, if you do a lot of martial arts, then most likely you are also doing a lot of physical activity, and therefore will eventually get injured. Hence in spite of increasing skill, taking safety precautions, increasing the mindfulness of safety in myself and people around me, etc., I have been injured and I have injured others. Here is a brief list of my injuries.

There have been various bone breaks, sprains, pulled muscles, bloody noses, blows to the groin, scars, scrapes, bruises, strained joints, etc., etc., etc., but only the preceding injuries were significant.

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