This page describes exercise in general. In contrast my Exercises page groups and describes specific exercises.

Exercise is activity performed to develop or maintain physical performance and health. Some people do activities (such as martial arts or sports) for exercise, but others do exercises to enhance their activities. I should put some disclaimer here about if you're starting an exercise program, then use common sense, start easy, check with your doctor, and so on.

Exercise Factors

Several factors can be varied during the execution of exercises.

Exercise Goals

I started the above list before I started doign CrossFit on 2008-11-23. Interestingly enough, my list has similarities to the 10 general physical skills that CrossFit wants to cover.

  1. Cardiovascular and Respiratory Endurance. Oxygen processing. Metabolic conditioning. HW.
  2. Stamina. Energy processing. Metabolic conditioning. Do work repeatedly. HW.
  3. Strength. Do work. HW.
  4. Flexibility. HW.
  5. Power. More work in less time. Burst and/or sustained. HW/SW.
  6. Speed. HW/SW.
  7. Coordination. SW.
  8. Agility. SW.
  9. Balance. SW.
  10. Accuracy. SW.


GH Exercises []. I have compiled over 600 exercises [as of 2008-01-12] as a spreadsheet.

Some exercises can be formed by combining some exercises already listed, but I have tried to limit the combinations.. EG: I list Inclined Push Ups and Staggered Push Ups, but I don't list Inclined Staggered Push Ups. Drills, set plays, combinations, techniques, are generally not included in "The Exercises".



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Fun and athletic.


Physical exercise [W]


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