Exploring wood especially as used in martial arts.

Wood is a material made of cellulose fibers, held together with lignin, that comes from vascular plants with perennial stems. Woody plants include many species of trees, shrubs, and vines. Non-woody plants are called herbaceous.

As far as martial arts usage, wood has several important characteristics:

For shorter items you want high density, low flexibility, and high hardness. For longer items you want low-medium density, medium flexibility, and medium-high hardness.

Here are woods frequently encountered in martial arts in rough order from lower to higher density. Of course different breeds of particular woods will vary as well as individual specimens (age, cut, dryness, particular plant, etc.).

There are are also woods made by laminating pieces of wood together. EG: Laminated Rosewood Composite (LRC) is composed of fine sheets of birch laminated together with resin under high pressure to produce a consistent SG of 1.3. LRC and other composite woods such as Dymondwood, chip instead of fracture like natural wood.


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