.z. A file that has been compressed by the UNIX compress command. The syntax to decompress these files is uncompress filename.z.
The world's first binary digit computer. Built in 1935 by Konrad Zuse, it was destroyed during WWII.
The world's first digital computer. Built in 1941 by Konrad Zuse.
zero day
The day of release. In computers, the makers of a system are not "responsible" for a system vulnerabilities that they are not aware of. However once they know of it, they should try to patch it. A zero day attack is anything exploiting a known system vulnerability before it is patched on the zero day. 
Zero Insertion Force. A nice feature on newer sockets that allow components to be inserted easily instead of with great force.
Refers to which overlapping item is on top. Zero is default. The higher the number, the further its on top.
(1) .zip. A file that has been compressed by a DOS or Windows compression utility such as PKUnzip or WinZip.

(2) Zip. A common place storage medium originated by Iomega. It is roughly the size of a floppy disk, but can hold 100 MB instead of only 1.44 MB. See removable storage.
Error control protocol for modems. A step up from y-modem.

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