A microprocessor by AMD. See processor.
To adjust the spacing between characters to increase legibility or visual aesthetics. The rule of thumb is to be consistent and let the eye be the boss. Usual kerning adjusts entire blocks of text. Manual kerning adjusts two characters. Pair kerning sets the space between specific combinations, eg "Va", where the "a" slips under the "V". Page layout programs can pair kern automatically and thus produce a better appearance than a word processor.
A fundamental part of a program or OS, which loads first and resides in memory at all times. The kernel is small but essential and usually manages memory, processes, tasks, and disks.
(1) A column (field) that is shared by two tables that have been joined in a database. The key must be unique in one table and is referred to as the primary key. The key can be repeated in the other table and is referred to as the foreign key.
(2) A button on a keyboard.
The typewriter-like input device for computer systems. QWERTY keyboards were designed in the 1800s to slow typists down to avoid jammed keys. Dvorak keyboards are not as popular but are laid out for speed.
The keyboard for XT PCs had 84 keys. The keyboard for AT PCs also had 84 keys but included a numeric keypad on the side. The most popular is the PC enhanced keyboard which has 101 keys, including additional function keys, page up keys, etc. Newer PC keyboards may also have a pretty useless key with the MS Windows logo on it.
The Mac has two keyboards: the standard keyboard and the more common extended keyboard which also has roughly 101 keys. There is a "command" key on the Mac keyboard which looks like a four leaf clover and is commonly used for keyboard shortcuts.
Watch out! What works as the PC "backspace" key is called the "delete" key on Mac keyboards. What works as the PC "delete" key is called the "forward delete" key on the Mac keyboard. PC keyboards have an "alt" key but no "option" key. Mac keyboards have an "option" keys but no "alt" keys.
To record every key that a user presses. This technique can be used to steal sensitive information such as account numbers, logins, and passwords.
A keyword refers to a word or phrase of words that are seminal. Keywords are important in computers because keywords are often used in searches.
A clumsy or inelegant solution to a problem.
Knowledge is often used to refer to management of people, talent, and technology. Some say there are three levels of information. The first is data, the raw figures. The second is information, the interpretation. The third is knowledge, utilization of information. 
KVM switch
Keyboard Video Mouse switch. A device that allows interaction with different computers with one keyboard, one video monitor, and one mouse. Major KVM switch manufacturers include  Apex, Belkin, CompuCable, Cybex, Edimax, Linksys, Minicom, and Raritan.

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