VBScript is the dominant and default scripting language for server-side processing via ASPs (Active Server Pages) on Microsoft's web server: IIS (Internet Information Server/Services). VBS and JS can also be used for WSH (Windows Scripting Host) which is the replacement for the old batch files (.bat) and can run directly in the operating system. EGs: See my section on ASP.

VBScript can also be used for client-side processing. (Please note that JavaScript is preferred for client-side scripting because VBS is not supported by Netscape Navigator, whereas JS is supported by both Netscape and Microsoft browsers.) For client-side processing, VBScript is enclosed by <script> tags. VBScript is usually further enclosed within HTML comment tags in case the user's browser is not enabled for VBScript.

Here's how VBS and VB features relate:

VBS Functions

The functions used by VBS are similar to the VB functions. The items in bold are new to VB 5.6 (MSIE 6): CStr, Escape, and Unescape.

Abs Array Asc Atn
CBool CByte CCur CDate
CDbl Chr CInt CLng
Conversions Cos CreateObject CSng
CStr Date DateAdd DateDiff
DatePart DateSerial DateValue Day
Derived Math Escape Eval Exp
Filter FormatCurrency FormatDateTime FormatNumber
FormatPercent GetLocale GetObject GetRef
Hex Hour InputBox InStr
InStrRev Int, Fix IsArray IsDate
IsEmpty IsNull IsNumeric IsObject
Join LBound LCase Left
Len LoadPicture Log LTrim; RTrim; and Trim
Maths Mid Minute Month
MonthName MsgBox Now Oct
Replace RGB Right Rnd
Round ScriptEngine ScriptEngineBuildVersion ScriptEngineMajorVersion
ScriptEngineMinorVersion Second SetLocale Sgn
Sin Space Split Sqr
StrComp String StrReverse Tan
Time Timer TimeSerial TimeValue
TypeName UBound UCase Unescape
VarType Weekday WeekdayName Year

Note that there are variations of the VB Format() function but the Format() function itself is not available to VBS.

Certain functions (EG: InputBox() and MsgBox()) are designed for client-side code and should not be used in server-side code.

Here's some handy VBS code

Check for email address format

This checks if a control has a value that follows minimal syntax requirements for email addresses.

Function ValidEmail()
  Dim re, str
  Set e = window.event.srcelement
  str = e.value
  If Len(Trim(str)) > 0 Then
    Set re = new RegExp
    re.Pattern = "(\w+)@(\w+)\.(\w+)"
    If Not(re.Test(str)) Then
      Alert("You have entered an invalid email format")
    End If
    Set re = Nothing
  End If
  Set e = Nothing
End Function

Get values from select box

This is VBS client side code that gets the value and displayed text from the selected option in a select list.

This is in the header:

<script language="VBScript"><!--
Sub selX_OnBlur()
  MsgBox "value=" & selX.value & "    " & _
         "text=" & selX.options(selX.selectedIndex).text
End Sub
' --></script>

This is the select box:

<select name="selX">
  <option value="1">Ape</option>
  <option value="2">Bee</option>
  <option value="3">Cat</option>

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