Exploring the data types in Visual Basic.

Data Group Data Type Prefix Values Size (bytes)
bln Boolean bln/b True or False, Yes or No, etc. 2
byt Byte byt 0 to 255 1
int Integer int/i +/-32,768 2
Long [integer] lng/l +/-2,147,483,648 4
fp Single [-precision floating point] sng +/-3.402823E38 to +/-1.401298E-45 4
Double [-precision floating point] dbl +/- 4.94065645841247D324 to +/-1.79769313486232D-308 8
mny Currency cur +/-$922,337,203,685,477.5808 8
dtm Date [-time] dtm/d January 1, 100 to December 31, 9999 8
str String (fixed length) str/s 1 to roughly 65,400 Length of String
String (variable length) str/s 0 to roughly 2 billion 10 + Length of String
spec Variant (with numbers) vnt/v any value up to double that of the double data type 16
Object obj an object reference either in or out of the application 4
Err Object err   Variable
Collection Object col   16 * No. in Collection
User Defined udt   Variable

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