• Only directories and files in NTFS partitions will have Security Tab on their property pages. This means W95 has not permissions (ACL) per resource.
  • Placing a $ in the name of a directory makes the directory unlisted across a network but it is still accessible by path.
    NTs require logon to the machine & profile. 9Xs do not but can have log on for different profiles. Both need logon if connecting to a network.
  • NetBEUI is not routable.
  • Whether the network is peer-to-peer or client/server (w PDC), each resource must be shared for others to access it.
  • Computer names can be up to 20 characters long and cannot include any of the following: " / \ [ ] : ; | = + * ? < >
  • Drive mappings change with different users and don't exist if no one is logged on.

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