By Microsoft

Microsoft has been great at providing a lot of content and services online. In addition to hitting their sites as needed, I also try to hit their site now and then just to take note of their top level sites.

Please note that Microsoft changes their web structures so often that some of these links may not work. is one of the world's largest Web sites and they have a lot of inconsistencies. EG: They have (for selling the product) as well as (for using the product). You simply have to use their site frequently and know how to navigate to what you need from scratch.

The search feature of any Microsoft site sucks [as of 2004-03]: it will return results but the correlation between what you get and what you want is very low in comparison to Google. In fact if you have to search, use Google and it might point you to the part of Microsoft that you need.

By Microsoft Employees

Geez, you'd think that they loved working for Microsoft or something.

By Others

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