Content screening can be used by MS Internet Explorer 3.0 and above. An IIS object (from all sites on a server to individual files), can be rated for content by choosing Content Ratings in the HTTP Header tab of the property page of the resource .

Just for fun, here are the ratings:

  • Violence
    1. None
    2. Fighting
    3. Killing
    4. Killing with blood and gore
    5. Wanton and gratuitous violence
  • Sex
    1. None
    2. Passionate Kissing
    3. Clothed sexual touching
    4. Non-explicit sexual touching
    5. Explicit sexual touching
  • Nudity
    1. None
    2. Revealing attire
    3. Partial nudity
    4. Frontal nudity
    5. Provocative frontal nudity
  • Language
    1. Inoffensive slang
    2. Mild expletives
    3. Moderate expletives
    4. Obscene gestures
    5. Explicit or crude language

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