NetBIOS domains. Aka NetBEUI domain, since NetBEUI is an extension of NetBIOS.

  • In a pure NetBIOS domain, computers are identified by a NetBIOS name (<= 15 bytes) and are non-routable (i.e. non-TCP/IP). No name resolution server is required.
  • A flat and unstructured namespace.

For a small peer-to-peer network without any routers, NetBEUI (NetBIOS Extended User Interface) can be used to automatically translate NetBIOS Names and MAC addresses. This is probably one of the easiest networks to set ups and it only takes four steps for each computer:

  1. Install a NIC.
  2. Connect to an Ethernet hub with UTP cable.
  3. Install Client for Microsoft Networks (via Control Panel: Networks: Configuration: Add: Client: Microsoft: Client for Microsoft Networks).
  4. Install NetBEUI (via Control Panel: Networks: Configuration: Add: Protocol: Add: Microsoft: NetBEUI).

For a larger network routers, IP addresses, WINS, DNS, and the TCP/IP protocol will probably have to be used.

The hostname is the same as the NetBIOS Name in Windows networks.

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