Global variables in SQL Server start with @@. The scope of global variables is for the connection session.

Here are some that I've bothered to take notes for:


If an error occurs while statements are executing, this variable will change from 0 to an error number. This is useful in transactions.


This variable is used to get the ID last generated:

  • An INSERT, SELECT INTO, or bulk copy statement sets this variable to the last identity value generated by the statement.
  • If the statement didn't affect any identity columns (columns that automatically generate ID numbers), then this variable will contain NULL.


This variable returns the number of rows affected by the last statement.


This variable is used in transactions:

  • BEGIN TRANSACTION statement increments this variable by 1.
  • COMMIT TRANSACTION statement decrements this variable by 1.
  • ROLLBACK TRANSACTION statement decrements this variable to 0.
  • ROLLBACK TRANSACTION SavePoint statement has no affect on this variable.

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