Validation and Selection Criteria are both used to ensure that data meets the requirements of an expression. Validation is used when first entering the data into the data base. Selection Criteria is used when filtering data already in a database.

Less than
Less than or equal to
Greater than
Greater than or equal to
Equal to
Not equal to
Test for "equal to" any member in a list enclosed in parentheses
Test for "equal to" within a range of values, a low and a high value separated by the AND operator, eg BETWEEN 10 AND 20.
Test for match with a pattern string.
Yields true if its both of its arguments are true
Yields true if either of its arguments are true
Converts its argument to its logical opposite, eg this expression will return as False: NOT True.
" "
Encloses a string, pattern string, or segment of a pattern string
# #
Encloses date and or time values expressed in a standard format. Internally, the dates and times are stored as double-precision floating point numbers where the integer portion represents the day and the fractional portion represents the fraction of a day.
Any single character
Zero or more characters
Any single digit
[ ]
Encloses a list of valid characters
Indicates a range of characters
Indicates characters to not match

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