Basic Usage

This VBS code gets properties of Level object:

Response.Write "<ul>"
For intLev = 0 To cdf1.Dimensions(1).Hierarchies.Count - 1
    Set lev1 = cdf1.Dimensions(1).Hierarchies(1).Levels(intLev)
    Response.Write "<li>Hierarchy: " & lev1.Name
    Response.Write "<ul>"
    Response.Write "<li>" & "Caption: " & lev1.Caption & "</li>"
    Response.Write "<li>" & "Depth: " & lev1.Depth & "</li>"
    Response.Write "<li>" & "Description: " & lev1.Description & "</li>"
    Response.Write "<li>" & "Name: " & lev1.Name & "</li>"
    Response.Write "<li>" & "UniqueName: " & lev1.UniqueName & "</li>"
    For i = 0 To lev1.Properties.Count - 1
        Response.Write _ 
            "<li>" & _
            lev1.Properties(i).Name & ": " & _
            lev1.Properties(i).Value & "</li>"
    Response.Write "</ul></li>"
Response.Write "</ul>"

Object Members

Properties Collections Methods Events
  1. Caption
  2. Depth
  3. Description
  4. Name
  5. UniqueName
  1. Members
  2. Properties
  1. (None)
  1. (None)

Depth returns a read only integer for the number of levels between the Level object and the root of the hierarch.

Here are some of the properties available through the Properties collection:

Name Description
CatalogName The name of the catalog to which this cube belongs.
CubeName The name of the cube.
DimensionUniqueName The unambiguous name of the dimension.
HierarchyUniqueName The unambiguous name of the hierarchy.
LevelCaption A label or caption associated with the level.
LevelCardinality The number of members in the level.
LevelGUID The GUID of the level.
LevelName Name of the level.
LevelNumber The distance between the level and the root of the hierarchy.
LevelType The type of level.
LevelUniqueName The unambiguous name of the level.
SchemaName The name of the schema to which this cube belongs.

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