Basic Usage

This VBS code gets properties of the CubeDef object.

Set cdf1 = cat1.CubeDefs("Store")
Response.Write "<ul>"
Response.Write "<li>" & "Name: " & cdf1.Name & "</li>"
Response.Write "<li>" & "Description: " & cdf1.Description & "</li>"
For i = 0 To cdf1.Properties.Count - 1
    Response.Write _
        "<li>" & cdf1.Properties(i).Name & ": " & _
        cdf1.Properties(i).Value & "</li>"
Response.Write "</ul>"

Object Members

Properties Collections Methods Events
  1. Description
  2. Name
  1. Dimensions
  2. Properties
  1. GetSchemaObject()
  1. (None)

Here are some of the properties available through the Properties collection:

Name Description
CatalogName The name of the catalog to which this cube belongs.
CreatedOn Date and time of cube creation.
CubeName The name of the cube.
CubeType The type of the cube.
DataUpdatedBy User ID of the person doing the last data update.
LastSchemaUpdate Date and time of last schema update.
SchemaName The name of the schema to which this cube belongs.
SchemaUpdatedBy User ID of the person doing the last schema update.

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