When a user does something to an element of a document, that event can be detected and there may be code that responds to that event, ie code that handles the event.

If you are new to events, I suggest that you read the pages in this section in this order:

  1. Event Glossary
  2. Event Handlers
  3. Event Object
  4. Registering Events
  5. NN4 Events
  6. IE4 Events

Here is a brief summary of how the different browsers intercept or capture an event:

  • NN4 (Netscape Navigator version 4). The event dives down from the window to the event generating element.
  • IE4 (Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4). The event bubbles up from the event generating element to the window.
  • NS6 (Netscape Browser version 6). Whether an event bubbles or dives can be set.

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