L337 unencrypted is leet, which is slang for elite, as in an elite game player. Usually case is mixed in L337. Often regular characters are mixed in with L337 characters. Any letter may be UPPER or lower case.

L337 Hardcore & Light

A- @ or 4
B- |3 or 8
C- (
D- |) or |]
E- 3
F- |[ or ph
G- 6
H- |{ or |-|
I- | or !
J- _|
K- |< or Ic or I(
L- |_ or 1
M- |V|
N- |\|
O- 0 or p or () or []
P- |o
Q- 0,
R- |)\ or /?
S- 5 or z
T- 7
U- |_|
V- \/
W- |/\|
X- \/
   /\ or >< or )(
Y- \/
Z- -\_ or 2

Common L337 Words

In my opinion, L337 5|_|(|<s! It is more for atmosphere than function because it does not abbreviate and it doesn't make your message any clearer. One possible good use for L337 is for encoding colorful words (EGs: pr0n) but that's a pretty lame use.

L337 encrypted sentences often utilizes particular abbreviations.

haxer | haxor | h4x
Variation of hacker. Usu. someone who uses hack software but is not actually sophisticated enough to do serious hacking.
m4d sk1llz
mad skillz. Possessing talent.
n00b | noob | newbie | newb
Someone who is new at a given field. Usually a disrespectful term.
ph33r | ph34r
pwn | 0\/\/n3d | pwn3d
Own. As in "I owned you!", i.e. "I dominated you!". Variations include "pwn3d".
roxx0rs | rox
rocks. Impressive.
Exploits. Vulnerabilities in software.
super. Sort of German.
warez | w4r3z
wares. Illegally copied software.
w00t | woot | \o/
We own the other team. Or just an exclamation.

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