ASP includes built-in objects that facilitate connections between the server-side and client-side. How these ASP objects are accessed depends on the developing environment. EG: You could access these object via C++ and Java, but the most common method is to use Visual Basic and Visual Basic Script.

Here are the built-in ASP objects:

  • Application (app). Manages application scope variables.
  • ASPError (err). Contains read-only information about an error that has occurred on the server.
  • ObjectContext (ocn). Either commits or aborts a transaction, managed by Component Services, that has been initiated by a script contained in an ASP page.
  • Request (req). Information about the current request from the client to the server
  • Response (res). Deals with server responses to the client.
  • Server (svr). Allows access to resources of the web server.
  • Session (ses). Manages, stores, tracks, and edits info from individual user sessions.

The Application and Session objects may use a Global.asa file for application and session scope variables.

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