Hello George!

I just noticed we share the same first and last name and it peaked my curiosity so I gleamed over your website. I found it interesting that both of our fathers were boxing enthusiasts. My father was a golden gloves competitor in the late 50's and he taught me some boxing, however I put up my gloves around 21, after my 5th (and worst) broken nose (among many other injuries to my hands and shoulders) and started practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I dropped out around 25 but am working on getting back to the mat soon, as I would like my son to learn some martial arts skills before while he's still impressionable.

In any case - I just thought I would say "hello" to someone else with a great name!

Best of luck to you!

-George D Hernandez

George D. Hernandez:

Haha! That's a great name you've got! It's also very interesting that you have a martial arts interest too.

You and I and the other George Hernandezes sort of compete for user names all over the Web. Thank goodness for middle names, eh?

-George L. Hernandez


I am 12 and I liked your research on the history of swords for a paper I am working on. How do I site your work as a reference in my bibliography?

Thank you,

Cool! I'm glad you enjoyed my sword stuff.

According to http://www.virtualsalt.com/mla.htm, you could cite it this way:

LastName, FirstName. "Page Title". SiteName. Web. DateOfAccess. <URL>.

For example:

Hernandez, George. "Sword History". George Hernandez. Web. November 19, 2009. <http://www.georgehernandez.com/h/xMartialArts/Gear/SwordHistory.asp>.

-George Hernandez

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