Some communications of 2006

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Here is correspondence for 2006.


From: Charles Blair [metadata]
Subject: kudos

hello. i just wanted to say that i've used your website on a number of
occasions for martial arts-related information (typically as the
result of a google search), and every time the pages i've found have
proved compendious and well worth the time to look over. i hope you
keep up your site.

Thank you very much. I appreciate your kind words and I'm glad you like the content.

-George Hernandez


From: Petr Slansky [metadata]
Subject: czech code page

Hello George,

I found your page

Czech language (cz/cs) uses windows-1250 page as well, it is not in your
table... I guess that same windpows table is used by Slovak (sl) as well as
our languages are very similar.

With regards,

Thank you. I appreciate the comment.

I see that other Easter European languages like
Polish, Hungarian, Slovene, Croatian, Romanian and Albanian
also use windows-1250. I have updated

Thanks again,
George Hernandez


From: Jason [metadata]

Hello and well met, my name is Jason, and I am interested in finding some of the
"period Manuals" listed on your pages, in print.  Do you know where to get
some of them?  Please contact me at your convenience.

Thank you.


Ha ha! Aren't we all? For some of the period manuals I have listed at
there are links to copies of them. However some of the period manuals are
harder to get a hold of. Some of them haven't been made into digital
versions yet. For those you have to get microfiche or see the
physical works themselves at various libraries, universities, museums, etc.

The world did exist before the Internet! ;)

-George Hernandez


From: Jodin [metadata]


I got referred to your site on a search. I was looking
for some information on the end-of-file character in
ANSI for a VB program I was working on. Anyway, your
site was helpful and I just wanted to let you know.



Thanks! I appreciate the pat on the back.

-George Hernandez


From: David Kelley [metadata]

When did "Lockback" knives come into being.  I'm saying early 60's at the earliest?

I just did a search at the United States Patent and Trademark Office,
and one of the earliest examples of a lockback knife that I could find was
U.S. patent 825,093 issued 1906-07-03 to William Franklin Watson.

-George Hernandez
Thanks, I appreciate your efforts.


From: Swordfodder, Inc. [meta]
Subject: VIA GH.com Thank you from Swordfodder, Inc.

Dear George,

I just "Googled - Swordfodder tameshigiri" and have found that you have
linked Swordfodder, Inc. to www.georgehernandez.com. Your website is amazing.
It is clear you spend a great deal of time learning and creating.
I am so very appreciative of being recognized in the
Martial Art Links Commercial - Suppliers list and wanted to thank you for doing so.
Thank you.

We are very excited about our products and have a great deal of fun cutting them.
People are finding our website and purchasing product. We will be at the WMAW 2006
as a vendor in Texas and very much look forward to attending the event again when
hosted by the Chicago Swordplay Guild.

I would like to return the favor and link your site to ours.
Please let me know if this is not acceptable to you.
And do keep in touch if you find you have the time.


Swordfodder, Inc.
Superior, CO
You're welcome! I appreciate when a good product is accompanied by good content.

I'm also the Webmaster for the Chicago Swordplay Guild so
it will be nice to see you in Chicago.

A link back would be nice, thank you.

-George Hernandez


From: Nichols, Patrick [meta]
Subject: Time and thank you

Hi George,

Just found your site through a Google search for "00Z time"
and wanted to thank you for helping me finally understand
the aviation time codes used by the National Weather Service.
Now I know that 00Z is 12 am GMT, and therefore 6 pm CDT.
Yay! I'm a weather nerd but just wasn't clear on the NWS's time codes.

Thank you,

Very cool! I get a big kick to hear that you got
something useful from my site.

Thanks for visiting!

-George Hernandez


Mr. Hernandez,

I would just like to congratulate you on a very well constructed site.
I came upon the site per chance and am very happy to see a thriving,
independently run site.  The content is helpful and appropriate,
and successfully ranges from entertainment purposes to useful resources.

I'm still puzzled as to where you find the time to do so much on your own;
however, you seem to be doing a great job at it.

Best regards,
Vanessa M. Gonzalez
Ms. Gonzalez:

Thank you very much for your kind words. I am indeed just one person in Chicago.
My site has notes that I have compiled over the years and even if no one
ever saw them, I would still compile them all for myself anyway.
However, by sharing my notes I have the side benefit of knowing that
occasionally people may find something of interest or use on my site.

Thanks again for taking the extra effort to add something positive to my day.

-George Hernandez


Subject: Bullshido.net

Hello Mr. Hernandez,

I am Terry Chen, a fellow martial artist (judoka) and
saw you list of martial arts links on your website. I
must say it is an extensive collection and could
become very helpful for people trying to research
various martial arts and other related activities.

However, I noticed under "Surreal MA's" you placed a
link and description of Bullshido.net, the description
being ""Fighting BS in Martial Arts". Some good
articles but, in spite of their logo, it has a lot of
fantasy/virtual martial arts."

I am a current member/poster of this website, but let
me make this clear, I am neither representing
Bullshido.net, nor an administrator or moderator, just
a concerned poster.

It seems that you either:
A) Did not spend much time reading on Bullshido
B) Have not read anything in it.

As I have seen little/no fantasy/virtual
postings/articles that have not come under heavy fire
of the vast majority of the other poster (including
myself) and find it a little offensive that it be
labled as a website based on exactly the opposite of
its purpose.

If you could please change or remove your description
of Bullshido.net I would be very thankful.

Also, under the RMA (Russian MA's) I noticed nothing
on Sambo and much on Systema, which is not a very
effective, not reality based, martial art as it deals
mainly in the "Chi KO" and "Energy Manipulation"
whereas Sambo is a highly effective Russian MA, well
known in martial arts circles.

Again, I do not represent Bullshido.net in any way
shape or form. I would also like to point out your
website is very well organized and placed together and
can be a very valuable resource for the up and coming
martial artist.

Yours in Judo (or any martial art of value),
Terry Chen

PS Please post back if you decide to or not to change
the description and the RMA section.
Mr. Chen:

Thanks for your comments. I appreciate the opportunity to discuss and improve my content,
which are mostly personal explorations that I happen to share with the public.

1. My old comment on Bullshido.net was very brief and perhaps misleading. I changed it to this:

    BullshiDo.net. "Fighting BS in Martial Arts". Some good articles but in
    their efforts to counter fantasy/virtual martial arts, they sometimes focus on them.

I also moved it from my "Surreal MAs" section to my "Martial Arts (MAs)" section.

I have indeed read quite a bit at Bullshido.net, and I'm sticking with my evaluation.
We all have short lives and we have to chose what we focus on.
To some degree can't avoid advertising, spam, BS MAs, Surreal MAs, creationism, etc.,
but we can choose to deemphasize them. I try to avoid spending time on the negative when
I can spend it on the positive. On the other hand, sometimes I'm very much for surfing
through a lot of rubbish in order to get a few gems.

2. I lump Sambo in with wrestling, grappling, judo, jujutsu, etc.
I reorganize my stuff on occasion. To get a glimpse at how I might do my next organization,
see my page on MAs Gear. It's roughly as follows:

    * Boxing kick boxing, muay thai, etc.
    * Grappling wrestling, judo, jujutsu, etc.
    * Karate taekwondo, kung fu, etc.
    * Specific MAs like Aikido, OSF, Japanese swordsmanship, Guns, Airsoft, MMA
    * Comprehensive MAs like WMA, CMA, FMA, JMA, Modern Combatives, War

It's always a work in progress. I want to keep it "play" and less "work", while retaining integrity.
I'm pretty active on this stuff and I enjoy the breadth, depth, and perspective of my explorations.

3. Everybody likes to slam Systema, and if I had only seen the videos of the
ki-like stuff and the wiggly arms and knees, then I would too. However I have personally fought
with folks who I respect for their fighting and character, who do a lot of martial arts besides Systema,
and they seem to like it fair enough so I don't really have anything bad to say about it. It goes
back to the focusing on the positive and not the negative, but there is also the aspect of
skeptical evaluation what you hear, read, and see, and ultimately relying on your own
personal experience, experimentation, intuition, and taste.

Again, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to write. We're all just playing on a seashore,
and I'm glad we've taken the time to tell discuss our experiences.

-George Hernandez
Mr Hernandez,

Thank you for changing the description of the website
and I would like to add I now see the point you were
previously trying to make.

Thank you for pointing out my miss on the Sambo, I
missed seeing it and will check back.

Again, you have a wonderful list and resource and I'm
sure I'll be going back often to use it.

Terry Chen

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