Some communications of 2004

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Here is correspondence for 2004.


From: Michael Baker [metadata]

Hello George, I found you site through Google while searching
for information on the ADO Command Object, Execute method.

I run a update command, which completes successfully.  I want
to capture the number of RecordsAffected.

However, it always returns Zero.

Here is my syntax for the method: (I'm writing the ASP code
in Jscript)

Var upCnt = 0;

What am I doing wrong if anything?  Thanks.  Your site was
well laid out.

Michael Baker

Try something like this (note the last line):

UPDATE authors SET au_lname = 'Jones'
WHERE au_id = '999-888-7777'
select @@ROWCOUNT

then return it to a recordset:


Of course many things can affect this like what kind of
database you
are using, the SQL of your update statement, etc.



From: Vadivel Mohanakrishnan [metadata]

Hi George,

Your code snippet listed @ link won't work in all cases.
It would work only in those database which doesn't have User Defined Datatype.

Instead if you are interested check my code snippet for the same question.

            so.name "Table Name",
            sc.name "Field Name",
            type_name (sc.xusertype) "Data Type",
            sc.length "Size",
            "Is Nullable" =
                                    When sc.isnullable = 1 then 'Null'
                                    Else 'Not Null'
            syscolumns sc,
            sysobjects so
            so.type = 'U' and
            sc.id = so.id and
            so.status > 0

Best Regards


Hey thanks a lot for the correction.
I updated my page with your suggestion and credited you for it.



From: Lichen [metadata]

Hi George,
I came across your web site and found many nice articles and
would like to publish some of your write-up under our site:
We would make known to visitors that the articles belong to you and
provide a hyperlink to reach your site.
(e.g.The article published below is part of a complete articles from George Hernandez )

The articles that we are interested are:

Hard Drive Parts & FAT

Removable Storage

As you can see we have already included some very interesting articles on the web page,
with your articles, I think it could further enrich our website contents and
make it much useful to the visitors.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.
Please let me know if you are agreed with the above.
Thank you!

Web master

You have my permission to include links to the portions of my site (specified below)
on the page of your site (specified below), provided that you attribute the link to me
with words such as "by George Hernandez".

-George Hernandez
hi George

Your articles have been put up at our website.
You can find the index at:
and each of your articles you can find them here:

Hoping you could like them. If you want to edit anything, feel free to
ask me.

Thank you very much for your articles!
Wish every success with your website!



From: Jakob Stoustrup [metadata] 

Dear George Hernandez,

I have studied your fascinating home page with great interest.

One minor comment: In the page


you have misspelled the name of Bjarne Stroustrup (the first 'r' in his
last name is missing in your page).

Best regards,

Jakob Stoustrup (with only one 'r' !)
Professor, PhD
Jakob Stoustrup:

Thanks for visiting and more thanks for the correction. I have posted the fix.

I can see from http://www.control.auc.dk/~jakob/surname.html
that this must be an issue of some irritation for you!

George Hernandez


From: James C [metadata]

Mr Hernandez,

Did you teach at Olympic Karate Studio in Palatine IL?

Thanks in advance.


Sorry, I've taught in many places but not at OKS.

Do you have a lot of knowledge about Shotokan (which I
understand you studied) and Goju Ryu? I had a question
about it that I have been trying to get answered.
Thanks again.


I practiced Shotokan nearly everyday for 13 years and I was almost
4th dan when I retired. Ask away.

Well in that case here we go.:-)

I have just started going to a studio that teaches
Goju Shorei Ryu. They are in Northwest Suburbs of IL.
They say that it is the combination of Goju Ryu and
Shorei Ryu. The problem is, the katas that we are
learning is from the book "Best Karate" by "Mr.

Now, from the research that I have done, it
looks like that "Mr. Nakayama" is Shotokan and not
Goju Ryu. From what I read, we should be doing more
katas from "Morio Higaonna". I just started going
(less then a month) and I am just not sure what to
think. I was going to go and talk to the instructor
this sat but I wanted to get some other peoples input
on what they thought.

Everything that we have been
learning so far is of a "hard" form and Goju Ryu is
supposed to be hard and soft. Every Shotokan site I go
to they are teaching these katas: Heian, Heian
Shodan, Heian Nidan, Heian Sandan, Heian Yondan,
Heian Godan, Tekki, Tekki Shodan, Tekki Nidan,
Tekki Sandan, Bassai Dai, Kanku-Dai, Jion, Enpi,
Gankaku, Jutte, Hangetsu, Bassai-Sho, Kanku-sho,
Chinte, Sochin, Nijushiho, Meikyo, Gojushiho Dai,
Gojushiho Sho, Unsu, Wankan,Jiin. Every Goju Ryu
site that I go to teach mostly these katas: Gekisai
Dai Ichi, Gekisai Dai Ni, Saifa, Seiyunchin,
Shisoshin, Sanseru, Sepai, Kururunfa, Sesan,
Suparinpei, Sanchin, Tensho.

What are your thoughts about all of this? I am totally lost.
Thanks in advance.

(On another note: What programming languages
do you know. I am a VB/C++ Programmer. I did VB for
several years (~4+ yrs) in AZ, GPS Application. A
couple years ago I got a job doing MFC work for a
company out here in IL, so here I am :-) )

If they are working off of Nakayama's books then they are practicing
Shotokan katas. Some katas, like the Shorei katas, are shared by many
styles including Shotokan but that's not the issue here. Goju Ryu has
its own set of distinctive katas as you mentioned and listed before.

I would just ask the instructors. Hopefully they have a reasonable
answer. EG: They're going through a stage where they are trying out
Shotokan katas or are switching over. Perhaps the school has changed
ownners/instructors several times and the school used to be Goju.
Perhaps they don't know the origins of their name (or don't care) and
they just practice a more generic "karate".

Unless you're concerned about the purity or pedigree of the school,
stick to basic requirements: Do they practice safely? Is it good
exercise? Do the martial art techniques seem reasonable? Are they
fostering a strong spirit? Are you comfortable with the social and
political atmosphere? Are the instructors intelligent and are they
developing themselves?

Start practicing, try it out. If you don't like it, shop around.

Just for my own curiosity, I'd like to see how this turns out.

-George Hernandez

PS: I do VB, JavaScript, some Java and C#.

My wife and I made a three month commitment. So we
are going to try it out for three months and then take
it from there. I will keep you posted though. Thanks
again for everything. :-)



From: Lep Panganiban [metadata]
Subject: Karate-do, The master text

Dear George,

I am a Filipino wanting to acquire the book "KARATE-DO, The Master text"
and in my search, I found out that you have a copy of such book.
I would like to know if you are selling a copy of that book.
I really wan to have a copy of it.
Do you have a store in Manila? If yes, pls give the address...

Thank you very much..

Lep (Lep_panganiban@hotmail.com)

Try ordering it from here:


They should be able to deliver it to you.

-George Hernandez


From: Jim Rattmann [metadata]

How can you combine Excel functions to do as follows:
Start with a lump sum.
Grow the lump sum each month by some interest rate,
and also remove a fixed amount at the end of each month.

Jim Rattmann

Sorry I took so long to respond but your email got buried in my inbox.

Your request seems reasonable so I modified my usual EG Excel file:
found at:

See the "LeechingFromALumpSum" worksheet.

-George Hernandez 


From: Bill [metadata]


I read an article concerning XML that said, "Now let's modify the XML document to include a CSS reference:"
The "modify" is the problem.

I'm trying to sell loads of people on using XML, without too much success, but one key fact that folks like,
theoretically, is being able to use the same XML data presented in multiple formats.
You can specify, "<?xml-stylesheet type="text/css" href="egBooks.css"?>" or
"<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="egBooks.xsl"?>", but that is the problem.
The XML data is duplicated - one version with the CSS and one with the XSL.
Immediately you need to modify the same set of data twice to provide both a CCS and XSL version.
Of course others would want to present differently and theoretically each time the XML data would be duplicated.
For each data change you need to make the changes for each version.  Pretty useless!

A single set of XML data could be processed via PHP, ASP, Pearl or other programming languages.
But, how could that single set of XML data also be presented via CSS and XSL for example?


You seem to referring to this page on my site:


As I mentioned in the page above, it would be pretty silly
to do something like

<?xml-stylesheet type="text/css" href="egBooks.css"?>

CSS can change the appearance of a document but XSL can also
reorganize what data is pulled from an XML document.

An XML document is sort of like a little database.
What is wrong with pulling the data you want from
a database multiple times on a page as needed
and having that data formatted depending on need?

It is more common to have CSS mixed right in with the XSL output.

If you are having a problem explaining XML to people,
I would suggest that you actually use it enough to see its
advantages and nuances, otherwise its just useless theoretical stuff.



From: Glenda Smith [metadata]
Subject: Webdings on Macintosh

I've been looking ALL OVER the internet for this answer, and while your
site is the most informative (and easiest to move in), it didn't have
information on this:

In the Webdings font, on a Macintosh, how do you access the
"man swinging a golf club" character?  What keys do you
hit to get it?

Thank you so much!
Glenda Smith

Thanks! I'm glad you liked my site.

I'm on a Windows machine today and according to the Character Map app,
for Windows Webdings the "golfer" glyph is character code 137 or x89.
In Windows 1252, this is the "permill" (roughly "o/oo") glyph in a regular font.

However for Macintosh Webdings, the "golfer" glyph seems to be 107 or x6B.
This is the lower case "k" glyph in a regular font. To get your "golfer" glyph
 on a Mac it seems that you need to use either the Key Caps utility or the
Character Palette utility. For detail, see:

Keep in mind that some people who are sticklers for standard suggest that
you find the Unicode equivalent of glyphs represented by Webdings, Wingdings, etc.
This URL covers that topic: http://www.alanwood.net/demos/wingdings.html.
(If I view that URL in Mozilla, I don't see the Wingdings at all. But if
I view the URL in Internet Explorer then the Wingdings look just fine.)
This is issue is more relevant for web uses but not such an issue for
proprietary documents or if you are converting the glyph to an image.

I hope that helps.

Thank you for your help & explanation!  


From: Brad Davis [metadata]


I am going nut trying to figure out how to use a TEXT datatype to store articles in MS SQL 2K.

I am getting a server 500 error and I believe it is because I am using the following:

Set prm = cmd.CreateParameter("prmdocTitle", 200, 1, 50000, Trim(Request("doctext")))
cmd.Parameters.Append prm

Would you happen to know either the correct DataTypeEnum Value for the text datatype,
or a way to pass 50000 characters of text to my stored proc using ASP?

Thanks in advance.

Brad Davis
Web Design and Computer Consulting

Try using a DataTypeEnum of 201.

Alternatively you could store the data as a file in a
customized dirctory and then store only the file path in the
DB. You may have to dynamically create the file and directory
using something like FSO.

Thanks George,

That is what I used and it worked.

The problem was a stupid mistake on my part...what a waste of

Thanks again for the reply,

Brad Davis
Web Design and Computer Consulting


From: Jeff Sullivan [metadata]


I was looking for some alt-codes, and came across your web site.
I can't seem to find the alt-code for the infinity symbol. (Sideways 8?)
I use Windows Me, and I saw a reference to U+221e, and talk about
International Unicode.  Can you give me more detail?


The Windows "alt-codes" only go up to 255 and there isn't an
infinity symbol in that range.

However, depending on your situation you could switch to the
"Symbol" font and then use ALT+0165 to yield the infinity
symbol. BTW: ALT+0165 usually enters a Yen sign in most fonts.

If you are making a web document than you're best bet would be
to use "&#x221E;" in the raw HTML to display an infinity symbol
in most fonts.



From: Margaret Schmitt [metadata]

Hello, my name is Margaret Schmitt and I am an IT student at
George Mason University. We have to make a webpage for our IT
class, and mine is on Nanotechnology. Is there any way I can use
the nanotechnology pictures on your site for this project, if I
site your webpage? Thank you for your time.

Just link to my site and you can use the nanotech images.

Thanks for asking!



From: Matt N. [metadata]

I just wanted to say your blog is really kool.
I read pretty much all of it and you have some
very good points, ideas, and recourses.
Thank you very much for keeping my mind busy for awhile =)

- Matt

Thank you very much! It's amazing how positive gestures
are so easy and yet so powerful. We should all make them
more often.



From: Sue Dilworth [metadata]

Hi George
I have just found your site, when searching for some info on the
Visual Interdev editor/Project Explorer conventions and would like
to thank you for the very helpful contents.
Beats every thing I have found elsewhere for significance, preciseness and content.

When reading your About page  .
Do you know the one that goes (nothing personal, just one that amuses me) :-
The letter X  -  Expert =  X, the unknown; spurt, a drip under pressure

Best regards.................Sue 

Gee, thanks!


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