Some communications of 2002

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Here is correspondence for 2002.


From: Ivan Serkiz [metadata]
Subject: how to determinate the number of the week

Dear Sir,
I'm looking for a formula that can determinate the number of
the week for given data (ex. 31.01.2001 - 5th week).

I hope you can help me.

Thanks in advance.

Ivan Serkiz

It depends on which language you are dealing with: Java, JS, VB, VBS, C#, TSQL?

For VB, it would be DatePart(ww, yourDateVariable).

For TSQL, it would be DateName(ww, yourDateVariable).

For JS, check out http://www.webreference.com/js/tips/010217.html.

-George Hernandez
2002 Mar 19 Tue17:33 +0200
Thank you George


From: James T. Moss [metadata]
Subject : Can you help me?

My name is James Moss, I am working on a project for my home business. I
created a database in Access2000 but when I try to connect to that db in VB6
I am unable to plus I get errors saying that the file is either missing or in
use by another person. What am I doing wrong, I am using an ADODC control.

Thank you in advance,
James T. Moss

I'm assuming that you are creating a VB exe. Is your ADODC control connecting
via an ODBC DSN, a connection string, or some other method? If you don't know
then try connecting via the connection string. If you don't know how to do
that then right click on your control, select ADODC Properties, click on
Use Connection String, and then click on Build. Make sure that the provider
you select is Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0

You may want to check out Microsoft's online documentation for the ADODC
control at:

I hope this has been helpful.

-George Hernandez
Hey George
I will try it out, sounds like it should work. I also wanted to ask you if it
would be too much of a burden for me to consult with you on further issues.
I am learning VB on my own and I really get frustrated when I run into errors
in my apps. and I don't know what to start with when debugging. I guess I am
going the route of "hard knocks". I have finished a book and a half and a six
cd course from learn2.com, but I feel that I need someone that can tell me what
I am doing wrong, and how to correct my mistakes. I thank you for your


From: Curt Armstrong [metadata]

I just thought I would drop you a little message that I have found the
information in your web site "Identifiers" very helpful.
Your web site was easy to use and right to the point.
I am taking a class in VB.Net right and find it is not to far from the VBA I
have been doing for several years.

Thanks again for your information.

Glendale Az


From: James Gluba [metadata]

I used the www.askjeeves.com search engine to search for storage
terminology referring to capacity greater than Terabyte. Your site was
first on the list. I thoroughly enjoyed the w-i-d-e variety of content
on your site, most of which I found very informative. A good
technical resource of sorts.

Now for the real reason of my writing; I had a few additions that you
might add in your spare time, if you so choose.

You reference a variety of terms/definitions in your zVoc section which
while very useful, are now becoming outdated, thanks largely to Moore's
law and technology advancements.

Here are a few I felt you should add:
ATA 100, ATA133 on the the ATA section and here:
USB 2.0 in the USB section and here:
Gigabit speed Ethernet (1000 BaseT) on the page here:
V.92 here: http://www.georgehernandez.com/h/xComputers/zVoc/V.asp

I'm sure there are others, such as the proposed enhanced IEEE-1394 standard.

Thanks for the devotion to this site, I for one have book marked it and will
share with my friends.

James Gluba A+ 

Thank you very much for your compliments. There are so many things to explore
and I like to share my explorations.

Yes, it is hard to document even the basic changes in technology. I will
however make an effort to implement your suggestions.

Thanks once again for the pat on the back: it is sincerely appreciated.



From: Santhosh Krishnamurthy [metadata]


Can you have your own global variable declared in SQL 2000?

Something like "Declare @@gbl_info varchar(100)" and access the same...?

Thanks & Regards

Santhosh K

As far as I know you can't declare new "global variables" like @@IDENTITY.
Local variables via something like "DECLARE @LOCAL_INFO varchar(30)" will
have to do.


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